You can make a difference. Join our efforts in bringing the inherent safety of SUP to the attention of the local, state and federal officials so we can avoid needless and unsafe regulations. We recommend you contact the Coast Guard directly to make sure your voice is heard. 



USCG Headquarters - (202) 372-4000

USCG District 11 - (310) 521-4260


Spread the Word

In addition to contacting the Coast Guard, tell other paddle boarders about the threats facing our local SUP community.  There’s no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.  You can point out that there is a critical lack of data validating the use of life jackets for SUP, particularly when it comes to SUP in ocean waters.  Be sure to note the financial motivation behind SUP life jacket regulations.  Life jacket manufacturers directly benefit from the proliferation of life jacket wear or carriage laws.  Canoe and kayak manufacturers know that the added cost of gear will deter people from the relatively new sport of SUP, and these manufacturers lobby for increased regulations as a way to compete with SUP manufacturers.   

“We have had life jacket manufacturers on this [Federal Advisory Committee]      whose home, whose personal finances, will benefit from a new law.”

-- Former Member of the National Boating Safety Advisory Council


Please Support safe and healthy paddleboarding and surfing. We are very concerned about the nuclear waste material being stored on the beach near the San Onofre surf break. Please visit to learn more about the issue and find out how you can help.